Zekybomb Naming Convention is a method of naming planets that allows other players to tell what conditions they can expect before they land through the use of a 5 digit code broken into three parts (in the case of an extreme climate the code is prefaced by an "E"). The code usually takes the form of XXX-XX-X, the first three letters denoting any hazards that are present on the planet (toxicity, radioactivity, or extreme temperatures), the second showing the relative levels of Flora and Fauna, and the last denotes the hostility of the sentinels. This code tipicaly follows after the name of the planet, but may at times be the only name it is given.

The following Chart Translates the Code

Chart Version 3

Pleas note that there are several catigories that are lumped together as they mean almost exactly the same thing, this was done on purpose as any of these options show up when landing on a planet.

For example: A planet with the name Deladuis, that has an extreme toxic atmosphere, no standing water, Frequent Flora, rich Fauna and frenzied sentenels would be named "Deladuis ETD-34-4"

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