Yilaeroppug-2 is a planet in the Tekalavlivn  System, which has 5 planets. Tekalavlivn  is inhabited by the Gek, yet the System does not seem to have many people, as we recorded using the trading posts.

On Yilaeroppug-2 there is lots of Copper , Heridium  and Emeril, so it is good for resources. However, there are no animals and hardly any plants.There are giant holes in the ground with nothing in, suggesting that there may have been water at some point. Even though this is highly unlikely as there is no ocean and no plant life, it might have been possible. The ditches look like they have been corroded (worn - away) and they are easy to find. At night the ground looks camouflaged with brown and dark green, and the sky looks like the color of freshly - cut grass. At day the ground looks orange and yellow, and the sky looks like a watercolor green.

On Yilaeroppug-2 there are not any extreme conditions (extremely cold temperatures, acid rain), and the temperature is similar to Earth's. It is very hard to find any plants or animals as I only found 2 types of plants and no animals.

While using the Colossus Exocraft I found some caves that looked like they went deep into the planet, but I did not use them in fear of getting the Exocraft stuck.

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