Aside from trading, exploration, and getting lost in the infinite universe of No Man's Sky, combat will be a semi-major game mechanic. But what would combat be without weapons? In the 18-minute gameplay for IGN First, Sean explains that the weapons and starships are procedurally generated as well, so we surely will get to see many various types of guns. From the videos released to date, we can name three distinctive types of handheld weapons and one equipped on a starship.

Mining Laser Modification


A mining laser being used against a Sentinel drone on Illicles.

The weapon shoots a constant beam of focused energy. This is primarily used on resource deposits or minerals. This can be upgraded to be more efficient using certain multi-tool blueprints.

Plasma weapon

Sean using the grenade launcher in order to mine resources from a rock. The light-blue object is the Land Disruptor grenade.

Boltcaster Modification

This modification utilizes the attack potential in your Multi-Tool. This can be upgraded with Boltcaster related blueprints to improve rate of fire, damage output, weapon cooldown, ammo clip capacity, and even the weapon fighting style. In doing so, it may also change the color of the lasers fired from your Boltcaster modification. The Boltcaster's main purpose is to kill wildlife or sentries. Unlike the mining laser you must craft it with 25 plutonium and iron but (unlike the plasma launcher) you unlock the blueprint straight away.

Plasma launcher

 This weapon blueprint is unlocked randomly when inspecting fallen debris. The generic grenade is a thrown explosive that detonates on contact dealing mass splash damage. This grenade change's with the upgrade these include:

The Land Disruptor[1] grenade appears as a light-blue projectile, able to destroy planet structures and mine ores.


For PS4

  • R2 - Fire weapon
  • R1 - Melee attack
  • Triangle - switch attack mode from laser to bolt
  • L1 - throw grenade

For PC

  • LMB - Fire weapon
  • Q - Melee attack
  • X - switch attack mode from laser to bolt
  • MMB - throw grenade

Starship Weapons

Main article: Starships

Phase Beams fire similarly to the Multi-Tool's mining laser. These can be used for close range combat as well as blasting your way through an asteroid.

Photon Cannons are longer ranged and more rapid fire. Specialized for ship to ship combat, but require some flight time to reach their target.


  1. PlayStation video; No Man's Sky: Anthony Carboni plays the demo; April 18, 2016;

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