United Euclid Empire

The United Euclid Empire is a galactic company composed of wealthy bankers, business owners, media outlets and government officials.

The UEE is owned and run by an emperor and the empires second in command, the grand vizier. The UEE take part in serious funding and enourmous donations across the galaxy. Many members of government are members, which has made impacts on political affairs behind closed doors for centuries across the galaxy. The UEE has been rumored to have been around since the creation of ancient alien monoliths and ruins. Gek, Vy'keen and Korvax have all been known to interact with the UEE.

well funded

Big time bankers and even galactic bank owners are members and donate to the UEE yearly.. In HUGE amounts. This allows the UEE to fund science research labs, manufacturing facilities, trading posts, space stations and much more. The UEE even have their own labs and facilities, along with their own private military.

In the shadows

The UEE are a secretive organization. They choose who joins them.

Many have tried to contact the UEE and all have failed. The UEE contacts you. If they want you aboard, you would know so. They go for certain individuals who would qualify, or who they see fit necessary or suitable to be amongst them. They go for celebrities of the hubs, politicians and bankers of the galaxy. They also own majority of the media in the Euclid Galaxy. (Maybe that's why they are so secretive and never spoken of)

Recently the UEE have been more public due to the fact they have opened a new Hub called the UEE-HUB. They are trying to civilize and colonize a certain part of space to expand communication and research. 

The uee Hub

The UEE-HUB is the civilization the UEE have formed. It consists of over 100 star systems, including its Capital Star.

The Capital Star, "UEE-HUB:Capital: Crimson Star", is located at coordinates: XOTAB:0E99:0086:0667:0129