A trade commodity is a type of item in No Man's Sky. They are mostly found in Cargo Drops, but some can be found naturally. Trade commodities can be bought and sold through the Galactic Trade Network or NPC traders for Units. They are often used in crafting recipes.

List of trade commodities

Albumen pearl icon
Albumen Pearl
Gemstone formed over the course of centuries within the egg of a super-incubatory species.
Value: 27,500 Units

Extremely valuable curiosity can sometimes be found in the seas and lakes of some planetary systems.
Value: 23,375 Units

Dimensional Matrix
Dimensional Matrix
Sought-after device, commonly seen on the galactic trading market.
Value: 15,125 Units

Fascination bead
Fascination Bead
Golden metal sphere used to temporarily increase the processing power of electronic lifeforms.
Conductivity within an entity's casing is dramatically increased, resulting in faster analysis and research.
Value: 12,375 Units

Gek Charm
Good luck charm carried by many galactic traders.
Value: 11,000 Units

Edible product much beloved by the Gek.
Value: 20,625 Units

Gas inhaled by Vy'keen warriors to temporarily increase lung capacity and allow high quality battle screams.
Outlawed by many peace agreements throughout the galaxy, many of which are now broken.
Value: 13,750 Units

Gravitino Ball
Supersymmetric particle cluster. Extremely rare and valuable. A product of divergent super-gravitational forces.
Value: 27,500 Units

Korvax convergence cube
Korvax Convergence Cube
Device used by the Korvax for the storage of historical and cultural information.
Value: 27,500 Units

Neutrino module
Neutrino Module
Valuable computer part. A much favoured trading item.
Value: 13,750 Units

Sac Venom
Sac Venom
Stabilized poison sample initially produce by aquatic urchin creatures.
Value: 26,125 Units

Vortex cube
Vortex Cube
Dense metal objects that, long ago, materialised within subterranean networks through the Galaxy.
Extremely rare, and of high value.
Value: 24,750 Units

Vy'keen Dagger
Vy'keen Dagger
Largely ceremonial weapon. A vital part of Vy'keen tradition and culture.
Value: 20,625 Units

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