Change in layout / Moving sections.

Shouldn't all planets be moved to a 'pre-release' information section as after there will be too much to log and some people might like to keep an eye out for updates on the first ones shown (now) and are there any pages created for the a.i. (Including Sentinels+Crawlers Bots released to explore) 21:11, March 2, 2016 (UTC)

there is no such thing as too much to log.

clearly there will need to be a few classifications, like rumors and verified to deal with the feed of information that will come in, and perhaps a way to follow certain systems or planets. but beyond that the people who play the game are going to be completely incapable of generating too much data to log.

Is this a page for requesting articles like info on the universe for e.g. and to what extent it is shared either none or complete cross-play where PC gamers can see PS4 players and other information

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