Take Antimatter is a mission in No Man's Sky. The player may need to fly back into space after building the Hyperdrive, and scan the solar system to find the next location.


(Vy'keen) Pagnamg Gixois. Bumgy motog motang. Uoy rum mennin. Gaida rudo lka aril iki amyang.


The being snarls at me when I enter, but I barely have a chance to cower before it looks embarrassed and puts up its hands apologetically. This warrior seems on edge, but was clearly expecting me. As before, it relays a message to me, once again sent by whoever Nada and Polo are. The staccato missive is accompanied by a donation of antimatter from my mysterious benefactors - enough of it that I can build a Warp Cell from by Hyperdrive.


I am no wiser as to who Nada and Polo are, but now I have the means to locate them. Though I strongly suspect that I must choose between finding them and following this Atlas.



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