Specialist Polo

Specialist Polo is an NPC in No Man's Sky. He is a Gek alien found on the Space Anomaly, along with Priest Entity Nada, and is involved in the Atlas Path quests. All three AtlasPass recipes can be acquired from Polo.

Data requests

Specialist Polo will award technology blueprints and AtlasPass recipes in exchange for transmitting Journey Milestone data. Every time the Space Anomaly is encountered, Polo will make a specific data request.

Specialist Polo will make the following data requests:

  1. Alien colonist encounters level 3
  2. Words collected level 3
  3. Most units accrued level 5
  4. Ships destroyed level 3
  5. Sentinels destroyed level 4
  6. Extreme survival level 3
  7. Space exploration level 6
  8. Planet zoology scanned level 1
  9. Alien colonist encounters level 8
  10. Words collected level 7
  11. Most units accrued level 8
  12. Ships destroyed level 8
  13. Sentinels destroyed level 9
  14. Extreme survival level 7
  15. Space exploration level 10

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