The Saga of the Vy'keen is a full story which the player can hear through different monoliths all across Vy'keen territory.

Part 1

The noble Travelers will be spared. Their journey through the cosmos shall not be thwarted. So it is decreed. The will of Hirk the great commands it. The Vy'keen shall honour the judgement, the belief of the Ancients. The book of Hirk speaks of the rise of the Travelers. They shall ascend, delving into the boundless void. The Vy'keen shall not impede their ascent for the Travelers must prevail. So decrees the word of Hirk.

None hamper the path towards Dryn'dargh as the Sentinels. They must be destroyed. Their time will be ended. So it has been written, so it shall come to be. This the Vy'keen swear. The Sentinels are not of the natural order. Things must fall apart. In their endlessness and replication the automatons prove themselves abominations. They must be purged from existence. All should die, whether through righteous battle or the assault of time. Hirk foresaw the weakness of the Vy'keen warrior kind. The star ascent of our noble race was blocked by the weak - minded Sentinels. Nine times nine fold, Hirk commanded. We would have our vengeance and dash the metal demons against the rocks of damnation.

Part 2

It came to pass that the Great Monolith awoke. It heard the challenge of Hirk. Five times Hirk called upon it and was met by silence. On the sixth cry it awoke.

The Great Monolith spoke to Hirk of the Travelers. Their coming should not be met with fire. Their coming was but one dream in an infinite universe. Their reach would be that of the endless. When Hirk asked of the Sentinels, The Great Monolith said nothing. Hirk was troubled by its silence.

Hirk returned to the Vy'keen. 'Grah!' they spoke atop the sacred mountain of Dun's'kaareen. And proclaiming loudly to all who gathered there. Their leader spoke unto them. ' The Great Monolith has answered me. It has awoken. It has told the coming of the Travelers. They will be spared. The Vy'keen shall honour this decree. '

The crowd cried for Hirk to reveal the Great Monolith's judgement of the Sentinel threat.' The Monolith stood silent! ' Hirk spoke forth, but the people were not satisfied. They muttered amongst themselves and those blessed with tendrils did extend him. Then with raised voice Hirk decreed, ' The oppressors will be eradicated! Gather your arms for the time of reckoning is upon the enemy. ' And the Vy'keen adored their leader.

As Hirk stood upon the sacred mountain Nal climbed to its peak and there with fist outstretched challenged Hirk. ' Fool! ' Nal cried. ' The Sentinels cannot be vanquished! ' Hirk, with furious rage struck the fool from the mountain. For three moons and suns Nal fell before being claimed by doom.

Part 3

Hirk's rage against the upstart Nal inflamed the hearts of Nal's followers who upon the leader's demise felt the blood of the ancestors rise within them. The Vy'keen nations were bathed in righteous war for sixty - six moons. On the sixty - sixth moon the war cry of the Vy'keen of Nal was silenced. After surveying their bodies, Hirk gazed unto the heavens and there beheld a great Sentinel host descending upon the Vy'keen. The Great Vy'keen Sentinel War was at hand.

For a multitude of cycles the yoke of Sentinels had strangled the civilizations of the galaxy in their mewling cribs. Hirk was displeased with the world of the Vy'keen. As the Automatons descended, Hirk gazed upon a planet ravaged by weakness. Progress, Prosperity and War : These are the things forbidden by automatons. But the Vy'keen were first to break the shackles, casting the old ways into the pit to herald the birth of a new age. The Vy'keen were the dam that overflowed. Righteous was the flood.

Part 4

Grah! The Sentinels are the enemy of progress and civilization. They are not of the natural order. Their interference is an affront to the virtuous Vy'keen crusade, which seeks to balance in all things through blood, ashes and iron. This affront to the Vy'keen and their creed cannot go unpunished.

Before the coming of Hirk, the Vy'keen feared the Sentinels.

Part 5

part 6

part 7

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