No Man's Sky is a space exploration sandbox survival game developed by Hello Games for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The original release date of June 21, 2016, was pushed back to August 9, 2016 for the PS4 and August 12, 2016 for the PC. The Xbox One version was given a release date of July 24, 2018.

No Man's Sky features a procedurally generated open world, which means the game is generated algorithmically rather than manually. The game allows the player to discover and explore space, with star systems containing over 18 quintillion planets. Although all players will explore the same universe, the experience of playing will be unlike other MMOs, as players are unlikely to meet each other given the size of the game environment.


Xbox One preorder bonuses - No Mans Sky

Xbox One pre-order bonuses

Project Skyscraper was the codename for No Man's Sky before its initial reveal.[1]

No Man's Sky was debuted at VGX 2013 with a trailer showing off the game's world, Starship, flora, and fauna. Another trailer for the game premiered at E3 2014 during Sony's presentation, detailing the game's creature identification system, dogfighting, and seamless space travel between planets.

A day-one patch went live on August 8, 2016.[2]

An Xbox One port release date was given a release date of July 24, 2018. Those who pre-ordered the game were given a variety of perks, while supplies lasted, including an X.O. Suit exosuit, Artios-VI multi-tool with a plasma upgrade, and 10,000 units.

Features and gameplay

The game takes place in a vast universe that is shared by everyone. Starting at a random location on the outer edge of the galaxy, players discover new planets and try to get to the center of the galaxy. They may share information about their discoveries, should they desire to. As the title suggests, the knowledge of the universe is shared and expanded upon by everyone's combined efforts, so the universe truly is no man's sky.

Concept art

Hello Games released 17 pieces of concept art in January 2014.



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