Konangko is the planet Sean Murray showcased the game during the 18-minute gameplay on the YouTube series, IGN First.


The planet looks very similar to Earth, contains mostly plains and oceans, in which we can observe large egg-shaped rocks located in the ground. Sean described this planet as a 'pretty average No Man's Sky' planet.


Earth-like trees with leaves, along with grass and weird looking mushroom-like plants grow out from the ground. Apart from these, there are multiple colorful flowers. Underwater there are multiple coral reefs.


The planet is inhabited by fish named Ictaloris Imenicu which can be seen in the ocean Sean goes into. On the land, there are two-legged small creatures, and four-legged red creatures with platypus-like tails, which look visually stunning. There are also small blue creatures, with horns which Sean calls 'goats'.

Points of interest

There is also a trading station/outpost on the planet.