Interact with Specialist Polo is a mission in No Man's Sky. It is the final Atlas path mission, and rewards the player with the AtlasPass v1 product recipe.

After arriving at the next solar system, the Space Anomaly should be right in front of the player. Specialist Polo will be found inside the Space Anomaly.


Friends everywhere, if only you know were to look. Friends in all shapes, all sizes, all places.


The shorter entity, a Gek, has a jocular air about them. They idly wipe grease-splattered hands on their suit as they address me. Some sort of engineer, maybe.
To my surprise, they speak my language. Other lifeforms have treated me with amused indifference, but Polo treats me like equal. They are curious about my travels, about what sentient species I have seen, if I have met lifeforms they have not. They hope that I will share my experiences.
Transmit species data (alien colonist encounters' level 3 or above)


Polo pours over the data, muttering bitterly at beings they are already familiar with, cheering at those they are not. Finally Polo applauds wildly, and hands me a blueprint.



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