Hirk was an ancient Vy'keen who murdered Nal through jealousy. His name has travelled through Vy'keen folklore and tales for thousands of years.

Hirk went to a monolith with Nal to gain wisdom. Nal was honored with visions and knowledge while Hirk was met with silence. In his jealousy, Hirk murdered Nal. Afterwards, Hirk went back and almost wiped out all of Nal's followers. Hirk then told his followers that he received great knowledge from the Monolith, and initited war against the Sentinel. He then said that Nal was killed in this war.

Hirk was killed in the endless war, after The Great Vy'keen Sentinel War. The Saga of the Vy'keen quotes :

"The death of Hirk came during the endless war. Hirk's body was ravaged by old age, becoming ancient and useless. Bellowing, Hirk tore this failing body in two before the Great Monolith, as is the Vy'keen way. The echo of that dying roar can still be heard throughout the Outer Edge. Hirk lives in us, the most venerated of the ancients."

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