​Galactic Rebel forces

​The Galactic Rebel Forces (GRF for short) is a group within No Mans Sky who fight for peace in the galaxy. They despise control and fight against threats to peace or freedom.

​​The Galactic Rebel Forces are not a controlled or governed group what so ever. Whenever 'control' or a 'threat' comes to the galaxy or the hub regions, the GRF decide as individuals whether to fight it, protest it, or leave it be, but the bravest and smartest members will take action against 'control' or 'threats' to the citizens/travelers/interlopers etc. to keep our freedoms. That is what the GRF is for. For the People. For Freedom.

The GRF originally formed here at Coordinates: KOBI:0E9D:0086:0667:0039 on planet "Purpy G12". The GRF's first Home Base is on Purpy G12 at the Huthacoco Colony, in the Euclid Galaxy.

There are certain classifications for the operatives.

Wildlife Ops: wild life operatives are GRF members who focus on protecting wild life. Flora an Fauna.

Starship Ops: These operatives focus on starship battles. They focus on dismantling pirate operations, incoming planetary invasion and incoming star system invasion.

Grunt Ops: These are the operatives who go for gung ho in your face combat to eliminate any threat to the galaxy and its people. Mostly composed of ground troops.

Spec Ops: Those who are more focused on keeping an eye on/and protecting the more political issues in the galaxy.

Black Ops: These operatives are the ghosts of the galaxy. Each individual shares no information or Intel to any other operative or operation within the GRF or any other faction for that matter. Rumor has it, they barely share much Intel with each other..