No Man's Sky 20170529155007

The Planet from orbit

Ellis is a arid desert planet located in the Ellis system in the Nexovittac Expanse region 177944.1 lightyears from the galactic center of the Euclid Galaxy.

Locations of the planet include:

  • Arid Badlands
  • Great Ellisian Desert
  • Ellisian Borderlands


  • Sand Deer
  • Ellisian Eagle
  • Ellisian Dog
  • Rock Roamer
  • Greb


  • Bush Cactus
  • Highland Cactus
  • Desert Gourd
  • Melon Cactus
  • Ellisian Cactus
  • Lamp Flower
  • Ellisian Tree
No Man's Sky 20170529155226

Arid Surface of Ellis

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