Controls for No Man's Sky.

On-foot controls
Action PS4 PC XBOX 360
Look Right analog Mouse Right analog
Move Forward Left analog w Left analog
Move Backward Left analog s Left analog
Strafe Left Left analog a Left analog
Strafe Right Left analog d Left analog
Swim Up Space A
Swim Down q LB
Interact Square e X
Melee R1 q RB
Scan L3 c L3
Activate Torch (light) D-pad up t D-pad up
Analyse/Activate Zoom L2 f LT
Increase Zoom (two levels) Mouse 2 R3
Show HUD D-pad left h D-pad left
Jump/Climb with Jetpack Cross Space A
Sprint R3 Left Shift R3
Fire weapon R2 Mouse 1 RT
Fire grenade L1 Mouse 3 LB
Reload weapon Square r X
Change weapon mode Triangle x Y
Flight controls
Action PS4 PC XBOX 360
Thrust R2 w RT
Brake L2 s LT
Boost Circle Left Shift B
Roll Left L1 a LB
Roll Right R1 d RB
Exit ship Square e X
Initiate landing e X
Fire weapons Cross Mouse 1 A
Change weapon mode Triangle x Y
Scan L3 c L3
Pulse Engine L1 and R1 Space LB and RB
Galactic Map D-pad down m D-pad down
Other controls
Action PS4 PC XBOX 360
Discoveries Options Start
Inventories Options Back

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