Believe the Atlas' promise is a mission in No Man's Sky. It is part of the Atlas path missions, which ultimately rewards the player with the AtlasPass v1 product recipe. The player will need to scan the solar system upon arriving to find the location of the monolith.


Follow the Atlas. Obey the Atlas. Accept your reward.


The Monolith stands silent on the planet's surface. It does not belong here. Neither do I. There is a shimmer, and then the vision of the red orb returns. The Atlas. It speaks to me again. Again I feel the half-elation, half-terror that I have met my creator.
The Atlas offers me guidance, purpose, meaning. Significance in an uncaring galaxy. All I must do is follow its path, and its orders.


I see lines of code, strings of numbers, then a bizarre structure. I feel sure conviction that great power awaits me if I travel to this distant place. The red orb disappears, and I am left with a path to follow.



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