Base in No Man's Sky


From the release of the Foundation Update, creating a home base and completing the corresponding quest lines unlocks many important technologies and blueprints.


All type of specialists can be unlocked once you build their corresponding specialist terminal.


Builder's can be recruited from any star system regardless the occupying alien type. Builder's are Gek who you "hire." They come at no cost to hire and unlock the initial series of quests required to build a complete base and unlock all available technology.


Grants you blueprints to craft technologies used in base building


After completing their tasks they will give you blueprints for Exocrafts and their upgrades


Same as above only with Multi Tools



Important technologies and crafting materials to streamline your exploration in the No Man's Sky Universe.

  • Voltaic Cells
  • Copper Wire
  • Non-ferrous Plate
  • Lubricant
  • Insulating Gel
  • Acid
  • Poly-Fibre
  • Circuit Board
  • Glass
  • Landing Pad

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