Atlas Interface Discovered is a mission in No Man's Sky. It is part of the Atlas path missions, which ultimately rewards the player with the AtlasPass v1 product recipe. The player may need to warp more than once to get to the Atlas Interface.


Tac izy rakmoroehrd eud zexun geypt cow. Pum elina maps mecol nipi ihojollem. Abtre kavasup maz eepkans ouse hitip sufilmhu. Noq nipi tesh skri yad terl clay. Cuffo skri ade vig. Yeg ekdek jed.


It is alien, unlike anything I have ever seen before. I should be afraid, but an inexorable pull draws me toward the heart of the construct. A need to know. This is a remnant of the Atlas. It welcomes me, it know what I am. It offers the promise of true understanding. The intent burns in me. I will peer into the structure of causality and know this existence. If it is real, or some incalculably vast simulacrum authored by other intelligences.


I will accept this. The sky is deep and full of wonders, and the path to enlightenment opens to me.


  • Anomaly Detected
  • A new path opens in the Galactic Map to a Space Anomaly


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