Adaline is a planet in the Charlemagne system.


The planet was named after Adaline, one of the spouses of Charlemange,[WP] King of the Franks.


The land-based deep cave formation is practically absent; overland for the most part they are represented by gullies, ravines and small superficial cavities. Whereas the numerous lakes - which is a characteristic feature of Adaline - are abound with extended and branched chain of underwater caves.

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Poorly equipped researcher should be wary of plants Hummea Osuagiae.


The most common type of herbivorous are Zobicae Rukeriarec and Ceorla Ethesi; the most frequently encountered dangerous predator is Obviumet Afniamen. This animal is able to a long track down the prey, hiding in the dense high grass, but it is quite confused if the victim manages to escape into the water or to cross a deep ravine.

Also, the animal world of the Adeline is characterized by a sharply expressed sexual dimorphism (see below)