Accept the Atlas' guidance is a mission in No Man's Sky. It is a decision the player can choose to start a series of missions that will provide guidance on the fundamentals of the game, and eventually on how to obtain the AtlasPass.


Reality seems to fold in on itself. One moment I can see debris, in another a vast red orb, almost too large and too bright to behold. It knows me, inside and out, more than I ever could myself. Could this be the face of creation itself? Or, in my hazy, freshly-awakened state, am I being manipulated?
A name burns itself into my mind: Atlas. And a request, made without words, that I should follow the path this being, this Atlas, has set for me.


I feel suffused with the warm glow of approval. I was lost, but now am found. The Atlas acknowledges my allegiance, and I feel certain that it will manifest itself again soon.


  • Repair Launch Thruster
  • Repair Pulse Engine
  • Refuel Launch Thruster


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