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An abandoned building on a Korvax planet.

An Abandoned Building is a type of location and point of interest in No Man's Sky. It has an open front door, and an alien growth that has taken over the inside of the building. A derelict terminal can be found inside that awards a technology blueprint.

Derelict terminal


A terminal in an abandoned building on a Korvax planet.

The derelict terminal presents a story of what happened to an unknown traveler.

The table below displays terminal text from Abandoned Buildings.

Terminal text Planet faction
What are the Sentinels? They appear on countless worlds without summons or warning, they traverse the galaxy unopposed and enforce their will upon every sentient being they encounter. Who made them? Who gave them the will to police the stars and demand that we bow to their silent rules?

The goal of the Experiment was to learn the answers to these questions. It began on an uncharted world beneath a blue-white sun, far from the axis of civilization. The first drone screamed when it was cut open.


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